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Lotus Village is located in the southeast corner of Huzhou city. Yuan Dynasty calligrapher Zhao Mengfu in the construction of villas here, open up the pond, the construction of Pine fasting month, moon in the water kiosks, named Lotus Village. Lotus Chuang Chao, formerly the Department childhood reading. Ming Dynasty are still preserved, was destroyed late Qing Dynasty. Huzhou Municipal People';s Government in 1986 to repair, and adjacent to ...[Detail]

Located 10 km north of Huzhou City, Huanglong foothills. Rock Lake is a large cave bomb. The main chamber hole 45 meters long, 20 meters wide, 20 meters high. Cave covered with stalactites, strange, big and small are prepared. The largest piece, the front resembles a white Jade Goddess of Mercy, on the back like the Wind willows. There is a stalactite roof, winds more than 30 meters, like a swimming dragon, end to end Linzhao faintly ...[Detail]